Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bre's Week In Links 7-30-11

My attempt at being artsy. Pfffttt! I guess this highlights my ability to NOT keep my windows clean! :D

It's the end of the month and summer is finally starting to show its glorious face in the NW. FINALLY. It has literally been nothing but dreary, rainy weather all this summer, with maybe two weeks worth of sun scattered throughout. Usually it's sweltering by June (at least), and we've been robbed! If August and September decide to be warm and gorgeous, that's fine with me! I still need to take Jade out for his first swim somewhere!

Anyhow! Onto the links!

I am so in love with the Papa Said feature on Sometimes Sweet (in fact, I love that whole blog with every fiber of my being). Dads and their babies get me all aflutter. I long for Terry to contribute to it one day. I know he'd write something hilarious and adorable. One day...

I need these meme rings SO BAD. SO BAD!!!

Are you SERIOUS right now? I wish I'd stuck with crocheting! Actually, this makes me wanna dive back into it so I can make one of these to fling over the back of our couch! HOW AMAZING IS THIS?!

I'm loving sticky note apps! I have them on my computer desktop and on my phone! I use them constantly for little inspirational quotes and reminders!

Love this idea: taking photos of spots in your home that make you happy. I think I'm going to give it a go.

I fell for this bathroom. HARD.

Awwwww. This is so cute.

This "Incredible Machine" (remember that game? Super old school!) style video is INSANE.

Four new items up in the shop this week! I'm really loving working with beads!

xoxo, Bre


  1. Hey, Saw your intro via No Mark at All and really liked it. You seem like my kinda lady! Dig your blog too!

    ♥ sécia

  2. I've always loved Sometimes Sweet. It kills me her husband and her son are named Henry. That's been my 2nd favorite boy name for forever.

  3. @Sécia Hooray! I try to keep it interesting :D




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