Friday, March 22, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 3-22-13

Hurrrrr. I like shooz.

Man, I'm having a really hard time keeping up with my lil' ol' bloggy lately! I haven't been feeling awesome the past few weeks, first I had that lymph node thing and now I'm dealing with allergies on top of a minor cold. Not cool. A LOT has happened, though, let me tell you.

1. I finished up a web design job that had been hanging for a good long while. You can check that out (and go see Ava and Misty to get your hair done!) here! The resulting paycheck led to some shoes. Go figure :D Some will be pictured below!

2. Got a new phone. My HTC wasn't getting the best reception, and I had an upgrade for the last little while, so I got a fancy new Samsung Galaxy s3. I love it! The front-facing camera is my new favorite thing, hands-down!

3. Those of you who know me personally know that Terry hasn't had a license since a few months after we started dating in 2007 due to some legal trouble. His court date was scheduled for Monday, March 18th, but he never got the notice that the date was changed to the next day at 1:30! So we drove ALL THE WAY TO OAK HARBOR from EVERETT to figure that out. UGH! We drove back again the next day and all this charges were dropped since it had been five (ARDUOUS, GRUELING) years since he'd been in any trouble. He can go get his license back soon! WOOOOO!

4. Our moving date got pushed WAAAYYYYY back because of issues our new landlord is having with the old tenants. We were actually supposed to move in today, but they've got their feet firmly stamped into the ground for some reason or another :/ No worries, though, all our pro-rated rent we paid has been returned, and our new tentative moving date is April 1st. Hope it all works out, I want to have our own space, already!

More fun times next week!

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