Friday, March 1, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 3-1-13

Oh man. This week can go eff itself. Seriously. On Wednesday Terry, Jade and I were on our way to go grocery shopping when my car died on the side of Casino Road. Terry had to push us into the nearest parking lot and I had to leave it there for my Grampa to come tow the next day. He and my uncle spent Thursday afternoon trying to diagnose the problem, but couldn't, and so they handed it off to my Grampa's mechanic in Lake Stevens. BOOOOO. Having troubles with a car is something I've never really experienced, aside from overheating in my Geo on the Grapevine in California once and in my Toyota twice, and that's a pretty easy fix. Hopefully dude figures out what's wrong and can fix it cheaply because all our money at the moment is wrapped up in super secret plans right now. Don't wanna jinx us!

However, I had a blast on Saturday with Sarah and her boyfriend Joey again, hoppin' bars from South Everett to Hewitt. We were always warned against this shady-looking place called the Soundview at the west end of Hewitt, because I guess unsavory characters frequent the place (and I went there once for a buddy's 21st and it was completely empty and boring). Saturdays, I guess, are another story completely. We got these HUMONGOUS mugs of Hef almost the length of my forearm for like $4.75 each and I ran into an old high school classmate, which was crazy! Can't believe anyone would even recognize me, I'm a much brighter and happier person than I was back then (which should give you a hint as to how very unpleasant and angry I was back then!). Finished off the night white girl dancing at Bar Myx down the block <3

I hope I have better things to write about next week! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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