Thursday, October 25, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #22 - Jeffrey Campbell "Damsel Spike"

Jeffrey Campbell "Damsel Spike" in Black available at Solestruck ($189.95), Envi Shoes ($209.95)
Vintage "Berkeley-02" in Black available at AMI Clubwear ($40.99), ZooShoo ($46.00)

Every week, I have a particular shoe I'm lusting after and keep adding to my shopping cart and just letting it sit there until I make up my mind (or the best coupon code rolls around). The Berkeley-02s are this week's obsession. Now, all things considered, these really aren't that bad. While the height appears to be about an inch and a half off, the overall shape is basically the same. The sparse studs leave a little bit to be desired, but I can't think of a reason why you couldn't stick a few more in there to even it out. And if I can say one thing from experience about the brand "Vintage", it's that their faux leather is super high quality. Just wish these were taller!

So, what do you think? Yay or nay?

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