Friday, October 26, 2012

Bre's Week in Links/Instagrams 10-26-12

Source: ...every meme site, ever?
 These Winter '12 Giuseppe Zanottis are NUTS.

 Girls with glasses <3

 Some of Kate Gabrielle's "Flapper Doodle" series has made it onto! How exciting!

 Business books Kaelah swears by. Totally eyeballing those Kari Chapin books.

 Molly wrote an awesome piece about the common misconception that cosplayers are asking to be sexually harassed.


 Curried pumpkin soup? Uhhh... yesplz.

 An old favorite for making eyes pop. This is especially useful now that my hair is red! Green or turquoise lower liner looks INSANE now.

This "Add A Cat" app is killing me!
Best mints ever. Found while cleaning for Chev last Friday.
Obligatory shot from Chev's chair. I went red! AHHHH it's so much brighter in person, like kool-aid red. My phone just won't capture it, even with this gnarly filter on :/
Found this at the Evergreen Asian Market in South Everett. Control the popular vogue? Ummm... okay! SOLD! #engrish
That's all for this week! I've got a few things happening this weekend, today it's just random errands and cleaning for Chev, as usual, but on Saturday it looks like Terry and I are gonna head up to Stanwood for some Halloween party shenanigans at our friends Dave and Erin's! Woohoo! We never get to see anyone up north anymore :c Bustin' out the trusty ol' Hipster Ariel getup, but I've got to pick up a different top. Too damn cold for that tiny crocheted bikini top, haha!

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  1. LOVE THE HAIR, chick! How have you been by the way?

    1. Thank you! I looooove it. I've been okay, not doing much, waiting for open registration for next quarter :D You?



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