Thursday, October 18, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #21 - Ash "Dean"

Ash "Dean" in Black/Silver Studs available at Solestruck ($384.95)

Bamboo "Italo-01" in Black available at YCMC ($39.99), GoJane ($41.80), UrbanOG ($43.90), Make Me Chic ($44.60)

These beauties were brought to my attention by my friend Chivahn, who has been mercilessly obsessing over them for what seems like months. I finally thought I'd try to track down a decent replica, and came across Bamboo's "Italo-01". Not too bad! I'm even considering a pair for myself since they add an effortless 'edge' and look so comfy. Not to mention there is no way in HELL I can afford the Dean's near $400 price tag! The studs are similarly placed (albeit lacking the random round studs) and the straps are pretty close. The only huge difference I can see is the heel and sole, which is shorter in the replica and also brown instead of black, and the overall height of the Italo-01 is shorter. But really, not bad. I'll give 'em a B.

What do you think? Are they close enough, or are you still holding out for the real thing?

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