Friday, October 5, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 10-5-12

SO AWESOME. Rachell and I had a teeny shoot in Lynnwood yesterday and this resulted XD

 Love Kate Gabrielle's outfit post featuring Le Bomb Shop!

 These gradient nails are fab!

 Notable shoe collections at Fashion Week: DiorFendi and Stella McCartney.

 The ever-adorable Molly is Go Jane's BFF of the week! D'awwww! I love her.

 I usually try to keep this a place full of positive, awesome stuff, but this is too gnarly to not shine a few thousand floodlights on. Apparently, it's not unusual for government-sponsored Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to sell former meth houses to unsuspecting people as fixer-uppers, with tragic results. Sickening.

 These Louboutin dupes are GREAT!

 The lovely Amy's adventures on the east coast last winter! The ninja-themed restaurant part about killed me. Also YAY GALA MAKES AN APPEARANCE.

 Two ready-to-ship dresses just went on sale at Idolatre, just in time for Halloween! Over 50% off!!!

Terry and I went out to Tony V's again :P I can't stay away! The music and bartenders effing rule! Also, my shoes <3
For your entertainment, here is my Jade enjoying a plate full of raw onions. This kid is so crazy!
Jade playing with mom's shoes <3
Tonight I'm off to Seattle for Chivahn's Adventure Time themed birthday shenanigans! I'm sure there will be many photos next week!

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