Thursday, July 19, 2012

Knockoff Ninja #11 - Giuseppe Zanotti Bow Sandals

Words cannot express the range of emotions coursing through my body every time I see these shoes. Doesn't matter who they're on, they simultaneously steal my heart and melt my face off. I can't stand Katy Perry, but I applaud her (or her stylist) every time I see her wearing these. What I love most about these is the teeny-tiny, towering, ankle-breaking stiletto heels look SO much taller than they really are (6"!) and they just do it for me, and that's all there is to it. Let's take a look:

Giuseppe Zanotti Bow Platform Sandal in Fuchsia available at Elyse Walker ($895), Amazon ($895), Endless ($895)

Then we have these, which look pretty similar on an angle, but the heel is a bit more standard:

Luichiny "Ready Or Not" in Pink available at Heels ($89.99)

Dollhouse "Flaunt" in Fuchsia available at Dollhouse ($42.00)

The Zanottis win this time in the overall looks department, but no way will I ever afford that price tag! What do you think?


  1. You know, the "ready or not"s are so close I don't know that I would miss the real deal, even though the angle of the heel is less dramatic. Great find!

  2. Ah, but the angle of the arch is exactly what makes it such a brilliant design. The additional design features of moving the heel forward, curving up the toe, and placing the ankle strap a little higher than usual increases the height to length ratio, making them look so impossibly vertical. And they *are* very high! The heels on my wife's Size 39s measures over 19cm tall -- That's 7½ inches! Ladies, if you don't break your neck wearing them, you'll be watching us men snap ours, as we crane to get a closer look!

    1. Really? I *thought* they looked a lot higher, but the measurements at Elyse Walker said 6 inches! Somebody was slackin'...



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