Friday, July 20, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 7-20-12

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 $850 James Franco switchblade? Uh... WHAT? I could NOT stop laughing after I saw this!

 Best. Hoodie. EVER. This and the Twilight Sparkle hoodie quickly made their way to my birthday wishlist!

 This batch edit tutorial from Kaelah about blew my mind to bits. HOLY TIME-SAVER! Although a bit different in the version of Photoshop I use, this will work wonders for the e-commerce site I've been plugging away at for the past few months!


 These rainbow pumps from Charlotte Olympia are beyond fabulous!

 Madonna launched a shoe collection. I'm not terribly impressed :c Was expecting something more unique.

 Check out the NY Louis Vuitton storefront for the Infinitely Kusama collection. Awesome!

 ASOS is having a RIDICULOUS sale on sale items through 7/23! Use code 10SALE for an additional 10% off sale items! I've got these shoes in my cart, waiting...

Full of the crazy. My purple faded, so now you can see it better!
Jade being cute. I think it's almost time for a haircut, though :c
Not a ton of pictures this week, but we're taking Jade to the Woodland Park Zoo for the first time today, so expect plenty of pictures next week! <3

EDIT: NOPE. Rain :c Went out and got him a bigwheel instead! :D

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