Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seattle Pride Parade 2012!

Soooooo, you guys. PLEASE remind me why this was my first year ever attending Pride? BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW. I had an absolute blast! I'd been meaning to go for about a decade, and was even almost out the door for it in 2010, but something always managed to get in my way! However, this year I was absolutely determined to go, as I was invited to walk with the Unicorns From Beyond the Garden of Hedon. I planned everything out weeks in advance because I was NOT going to miss it again for anything! DO YOU GUYS HEAR ME?! *fist-shaking, grumbling*

In lieu of Shoes-day Tuesday, I'm gonna overload your browser with sexy unicorns and rainbows. Enjoy!

First off, can we TALK about Chev's bustle? This thing was awe-inspiring, and her whole costume was custom-made by Stefanie of Idolatre Clothing Co (seen to the side with the purple hair). GORGEOUS! (source: Chev)
Here's me before the parade, trying to document my makeup :3 (source: me)
Morgue Anne, Chev, yours truly, and Ronnie. (source: Miss Christy)
In position, waiting to start walking (lolz at my bitchface).
A closer look at Stef's gorgeous handmade headpiece.
Amy with Gay Batman right after he accidentally rollerbladed over Chev's bustle. HA!
If you look closely, you can see me picking trash out of Chev's bustle.
Best costume ever. (source: Seattle PI)
Lovely ladies yaaaaayyyy!
Stef and Chev. D'awwww.
Me and Victoria at Seattle Center after the Parade. I'm missing my cue here to do a dramatic unicorn pose. I am super oblivious to all of the things -_-

These photos are all taken from everywhere, so if you took any of these, feel free to let me know and I'll credit you :D

You'd best believe I'm going all out next year! I CAN'T WAIT!

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