Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Style Covet #1 - Brody Dalle

New feature new feature!!! Style Covet is where I share with you guys people who inspire me with their impeccable fashion sense with photos anddd... a Polyvore set! WOOOO FUN! So here we go. This week it's Brody Dalle of The Distillers and Spinnerette fame. Totally wanted to be her as a young adult (and still kinda do). Love her I-picked-this-outfit-off-my-bedroom-floor-and-hacked-at-it-with-scissors style (at least back in the day), her gloriously raspy voice, scorching good looks, and especially love the fact that she seems as though she could probably kick the living hell out of you if she wanted to. The perfect woman, in my eyes. Fun fact: Terry named one of his cats Brody as a teen :D She's incredibly admired in this house!

Brody (punk)

American Vintage white top, €39
Daytrip vest, $65
Isabel Marant patchwork jeans, €645
Converse striped shoes, £35 - The Ultimate Punk Music Store, $10

Pretty addicted to Polyvore now! I've had an account there for years, but never played with it until I thought up this idea last night! Do any of you guys do Polyvore?

Until next week! <3

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