Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I love fall!

I keep seeing these posts, but I can't help but contribute to the heaping pile of them currently on the internetz :D I love fall! Not only does my birthday indicate its imminent arrival, but everything I really really love follows. List time!
5. Halloween stuff!
Halloween stores are popping up and my wallet is severely hindering me from bringing home ALLLLLL the spookies. I took Jade to Display & Costume and Value Village yesterday to check out some decorations and whatnot, but I only walked away with some glitter spiders :c Gah! Also starting to think about costumes! We think Jade's gonna be a little dragon! Do you guys think it's too early to start decorating? I'm fighting extreme urges to put my purple christmas lights in the windows!

4. Squash!
I. LOVE. SQUASH. Lots of people think I'm crazy, but every fall, at least once a week, I buy a giant acorn squash and eat the living hell out of it baked with butter and brown sugar. NOM!

No Mark At All
3. Mild weather/leaves changing!
Usually our summers are pretty intense (well, for us) here in Washington. They're normally in the 80-90 degree range (which I know isn't anything compared to everywhere else, but we're used to rain, rain, and more rain!), and HUMID, so by the time fall comes around, I welcome it with open arms. This year we seem to be having summer right now, but it'll start to cool down here pretty quick. Which leads into...

ModCloth $64.99
2. Fall fashion!
I've worked in retail my entire working life, and every time fall came around, I'd get super excited about getting wool pea coats in shipment! I can never afford them (I only ever bought one while I worked at Guess, despite my discount! Sad!), but I think they're so gorgeous and the absolute epitome of fall!

I carved this Dr. Tran pumpkin in 2009! Loved him!
I'm not just talking about Starbucks, guys (in fact, I dread getting pumpkin spice lattes there because I've had too many that were less than great :c). I mean pumpkin pies, pumpkin bread, pumkpin scented everything, pumpkin coffee creamer, you name it, I'm getting my grubby hands all over it! In Washington (more specifically, in Marysville and Arlington) we have a chain of espresso stands called Espresso Connection and they make the BEST PSL I've ever had, hands down. If you ever come across one, PLEASE try one (or a chai, they make the best chai tea lattes EVER). I wish we still had an Espresso Connection in Everett, I want one right now really bad!

So that's it! What do you guys love about fall?


  1. There's an Espresso Connection right on the corner before 41st and Evergreen. Next to the Hyundai dealership. I think it's 47th? I used to drive down there all the time when we lived on 75th.

  2. It's a Silver Cup now. Google's been listing it as EC for some reason :c



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