Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Adventures in Northernmost Seattle...

Yesterday was much-needed. A last hurrah before starting school back up full time, if you will. Chivahn, Jade and I had a little adventure in Ballard and Northgate doing a bit of shopping. We hit up Goodwill, where I snatched up a TON of frames and these magical Peter vs. Giant Chicken figurines:

Five bucks! SCORE!
Had lunch at the Red Robin at Northgate mall. This was actually Jade's first restaurant outing and he was so stoked about it, he kept yelling (gleefully!). I'm sure we disturbed more than a few people, but at least he wasn't crying, right? Heh!

Dropped into Ross and Target real quicklike, grabbed up another clearance frame and a pencil skirt. Also a dress that I have to return. Bah! Northgate isn't exactly close to me!

Now I have to think about getting back into the swing of my classes! This quarter things are stepping up a bit and we're going to actually start doing coding, so I have three classes instead of four. A little scary, even though I did really well last quarter with a GPA of 3.6. Proud? Proud.

And HEY! My Safeway finally has my other crack in stock (my original crack is, of course, Monster)! I've been stalking the dairy aisle for the past few weeks looking for this and they finally had it on Sunday! Woohoo!

Did you guys do anything fancy this weekend?


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