Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shoes-day Tuesday #1!

1. T.U.K. "Fairy Teal Romance" heel $109.99
2. Dr. Martens "Darcie" in white $115
3. Jeffrey Campbell "Fox Tick" in bright green $169.95
4. Jeffrey Campbell "Lita Fur" in Cheetah Fuchsia $194.95
5. T.U.K "Spider Attack" Green & Pink Leopard Print Antipop $32
6. Finsk "Cinza" (WHAT?!?!) $999.95

I fell very hard for some shoes this week. And while I highly doubt I'll ever be able to afford any of these beauties (besides #5, and maaaaybe #2, Chivahn's got them in every color and I'm obsessed), I can always look, right? And obsess, and wish... and chances are some of you will appreciate them, as well :D

The things I would do for #6... holy hell, those things are INSAAAAANE!!! Not sure if I'd actually brave wearing them, or just put them up on a shelf to admire. I think I'd be okay with either :P

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