Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bre's Week in Links 7-17-11

Changed my bangs! I'm in love with the way they turned out because of the turquoise underneath the tips! Excuse my serial killer look...

My life (in spilled nail polish)

This post about Carmageddon! I really need that t-shirt in my life...

This week I miss Santigold! Watch, I'm gonna go see what she's up to and find out she released a crapload more music or something...

I need more fancy people to follow on Pinterest! Shameless self promotion! Add me!

I fell hard for these shoes in grey this week! Thinking about getting them, gonna sit on it for a bit.

This photo made me really wish I could get more tattoos... TOO GORGEOUS!

I just want to say that Xbox support are the best! Got a free Xbox by way of the Windows 7 student promotion this last week and somehow messed up our ability to get either Xbox to connect to our network while trying to get mine online! We got the best lady ever to help us, I wish I could remember her name, but I can't! Just wanna say thank you, mystery lady! You saved the day, possibly the month! <3

These Jeffrey Campbells are what my dreams are made of (I'm a shoe ho, what can I say?)

Of course, our trip to Shipwreck Beads last Wednesday! This trip was too epic and magical, I wish we could do it every week!

"I miss in music" double-banger! Anyone remember Dot Allison? This song came out when I was about 16 years old, and it's still amazing to this day! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for trip-hop.

In other trip-hop news, PORTISHEAD are touring! Holy crap! They're coming to Seattle in October, I really wanna go!

This print on Etsy made me very happy.

I got really mad that no one makes these kinds of phone cases for Androids! Come on, now! iPhone people aren't the only people in the world! Might have to make something similar myself...?

These plugs are incredible!

The Wild Wacky Action Bike commercial never gets old.

Loving Google+ so far, just needs more interesting people! Add me!

xoxo, Bre

P.S. Moved this to Sunday 'cause it doesn't really make sense to have it on Monday. Not sure what I was thinking, heh! Might even move next's week's to Saturday 'cause that would make even more sense.

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