Friday, June 17, 2011

Crafty goodies and EtsyRAIN meetup!

It's my official first post! Hooray! I figured an awesome way to kick things off would be to share a site my Gramma found and show off the resulting project I put together this last Wednesday afternoon!

So, the site is Home Jewelry Business Success Tips, which is full of useful information on everything from marketing your jewelry to displaying it to motivating you to get your name and jewelry out there (it worked for my Gramma, who has been putting it off for around four years!)! My favorite part was the tutorial on making your own necklace display bust, which I immediately got to work on and went to town heavily embellishing with some leopard fur I had left over from Halloween a few years ago:

Pretty stoked about it! This is a dirt cheap and incredibly easy way to display your goods if the standard-issue black velour just isn't your thing.

I'm so excited to start selling my jewelry that I'm kinda diving head-first into this amazing community of crafty people. My long-time friend Rachell of No Mark At All invited me to attend an EtsyRAIN meetup that she hosts at her work this last Tuesday. It was a whole lot of fun and everyone there was super awesome and talented in their own way. Rachell has a post up about it at her blog here!

That's about all I have for now. Until next time!


  1. Well done! Love the display piece. I'm already thinking of how to adapt it for scarves! Thanks for sharing.




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