Thursday, February 13, 2014

Knockoff Ninja #58 - Privileged "Gabriella"

Privileged "Gabriella" in Black available at Shiekh Shoes ($49.99), Karmaloop ($86.00), Heels ($109.99)

Wild Rose "Wilson-02" in Red available at Make Me Chic ($43.20), UrbanOG ($44.20), Cicihot ($49.95), Go Jane ($56.70)

Also available in Silver and Green!

Wild Rose is (and I loathe this expression, but for lack of a better one) KILLING IT in the dupe department! First we had the Wagner dupe, and now this, which is really just the same construction with a different upper. I wish they made these in black (of course), but I think I kinda love the red! What about you?

Happy shoe shopping!

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