Thursday, October 3, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #52 - Privileged "Denmark"

Now, this Knockoff Ninja is weird, because I have no idea which one of these came first, and this has happened before with Privileged's "Drama" and Steve Madden's "Dubstep". I saw a preview of the black pair on Privileged's Instagram and immediately after, a picture of the green ones on Steve Madden's IG. So it's not a "Knockoff Ninja" per se, but a post giving you a ton of options! Enjoy!

Privileged "Denmark" in Teal available at Shiekh Shoes ($97.99), Make Me Chic ($98.00), Zooshoo ($98.00), Dr. Jay's ($98.00), UrbanOG ($98.00), Go Jane ($98.80), Shopakira ($98.90), Heels ($99.99)

Steve Madden "Shana" in Green Multi available at Steve Madden ($129.95)

IDENTICAL. Anyone know what the deal is, here? Literally, the only difference is the zipper color. I feel like there's some sort of double agent designer in the shoe world right now, lol. Is Jennifer Chou moonlighting at Steve Madden? The Privileged version can't be considered a dupe because the price point is so similar. In any case, I'm having a real issue not buying these right now. RIGHT NOW. I just might. They are literally my perfect shoe; tall as f*$%, strappy, corseted and full of mermaid-y goodness. (P.S. The Denmark runs a half size small!)

Are these the best shoes you've ever seen, or are they not? If not, come here so I can slap you :P

Happy shoe shopping!

EDIT: Aaaaaannnnndddd, I bought 'em. 20% off with RED20 at Go Jane! Expect a review next week :D


  1. Maybe it's just the photography, but I like how the Privileged one has less gold. Makes it more appealing to me. Also it's just exciting to actually like the cheaper option best. ^_^ Great finds!

    1. Definitely the photography/lighting. If you look at the photos on UrbanOG, they look exactly the same as the Steve Maddens. I AM SO EXCITE TO GET THESE THOUGH AAAHHHHHHH!!!



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