Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shoes-day Tuesday #52 - Taylor Says

1. Taylor Says "Brossie" in Red/White $199.99
2. Taylor Says "Sydney" in Black/White $149.99
3. Taylor Says "Talia" in Explosion $169.99
4. Taylor Says "Pink Lady" in Pink Rhinestone $199.99
5. Taylor Says "Iris" in Black/White Leather $199.99
6. Taylor Says "Calavera" in Leopard $199.99

I ADORE THIS BRAND. In addition to the overall shoe being totally over the top (in a fabulous way!), the soles all have neat designs on them! Red bottoms? Pfffttt. How about some skull bottoms?! I am, of course, completely in lust with the "Iris", which has everything I could ever want in a shoe: a heelless wedge, black and white stripes, and multiple bold-colored straps! AHHHHH I WANT THEM SO BAD!

Which ones do you love? There are plenty more awesome styles to pick through over at!

Happy shoe shopping!

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