Friday, July 12, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 7-12-13

This has nothing to do with anything, but Terry and I can't stop laughing about it.

GAHHHH IT HAS BEEN FOREVER SINCE I'VE DONE ONE OF THESE. For that I am sorry. For some reason just thinking about doing them fills me with contempt, but as soon as I actually start typing, they go really fast and are a lot of fun. Huh? So I'm just gonna try to FORCE myself to continue with them. Ha!

We've missed a few weeks, but luckily you guys haven't missed out on much. Except for my badass DIY punkrock jacket. Oooooo that was awesome. Okay. I had this acid wash denim jacket that a friend gave me hanging in my closet for forever. Its presence was starting to get to me, but before it went in the donation box, I decided it could totally be revived. I got a bunch of turquoise fiber-reactive dye from Chev (who makes rad lace bibs with it!), and ordered a couple baggies of studs from because I couldn't decide which ones I'd want to use. I finally went with the English Punk 77 studs because I wanted something spike-esque, but I have a kid, so I didn't want to maim him with my hugs. I'm sure you can understand :P But here's what I came up with! I love it SO HARD and it gets so many freaking compliments!

After dyeing. Jade wanted to halp!Two rows of spikes in...Finished product! 97 studs staggered on the top back panel and the top left side!

We took in Terry's old dog Sidney for a while, before deciding it wasn't going to work out because of Terry's allergies :c He only went back to Terry's parents' house, but I miss snuggling with him a lot. WAHHHHH!

Been building up a badass makeup kit (my old one was lost in the move :c) for a wedding I get to do makeup for next month! I'm so excited! Practice run is tomorrow afternoon!

Jade was cute...

Last Saturday I went to my dear friend Chelsey's bachelorette party, which was SUCH A BLAST. Had brunch at her bridesmaid's house, then we rented a boat on Lake Union! GAHHHH such awesome times, listening to terrible early '00s pop and drinking beer. Then I met up with Terry and Jade at Terry's cousin Angela's wedding in Mountlake Terrace, which was beautiful. Awesome and EXHAUSTING weekend.

Alright! That's all I've got in me for this week :D See you guys next week! Have an awesome weekend! <3



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