Friday, May 3, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 5-3-13

BTS from a fancy shoot this week!
It's been a while. Man. I can't really blame it on anything besides laziness :P

What's new, though? A couple things have started clicking for me over the past month. I was talking to this girl at that Burlesque Yourself thing last month who also plays roller derby for Whidbey Island Roller Girls.  The event was PACKED with derby girls because of a commercial shoot going on after BY for Fast Girl Skates in Greenlake. I was telling her that I've always wanted to try out for derby, but never had the insurance it requires. Then it hit me. Obamacare. I looked more in depth into the Affordable Care Act and discovered that I will be eligible to purchase healthcare in October, however it won't actually go into effect until January 2014. Pleeeenty of time to buy some badass skates and get my skating chops back up to par, then see about joining the local fresh meat team! UGH I AM SO EXCITED that this is all finally going to happen!

So with all that being said, all the money I make from Etsy sales, housecleaning, etc. from now on is going toward a pair of Riedell R3s (which aren't anywhere near top-of-the-line, but definitely adequate for a tiny girl like myself to start out on!), and some outdoor wheels so I can skate around my neighborhood.


If ya wanna help a lady out, you can buy anything from my Etsy, or you can request a custom color (or multiple colors, I have most everything!) hat! It would be much appreciated! Hoping to have skates in my possession in time for summer!

Anyhow, the only other fanciness that has happened was the Fuchsia Phoenix Hair Design/Idolatre shoot last Tuesday, which was a freaking BLAST and I'm so stoked to see the finished photos. SO excited. ANYHOW! I'll quit rambling and direct you to my Instagrams! I've missed a LOT, so I'll just post the best of 'em :D

Thanks for sticking around through the "radio silence" <3

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