Thursday, March 14, 2013

Knockoff Ninja #37 - Giuseppe Zanotti Exaggerated Platform Pumps

Giuseppe Zanotti "Exaggerated Platform Pumps" in Black SOLD OUT (retailed around $750)

"Addition-4" in Black available at UrbanOG ($33.40)

It's been a while since I've happened upon any GZ dupes! These are SO close! We've got the towering, very slightly flared 6" heel, and the signature exaggerated 2" square toe platform. Good enough for me, bros! Might be picking these up for myself!

What do you think? Are you sold, or are they too cheap to consider?

EDIT: Wow. Those all sold out within less than a DAY. Sorry, guys! When I find these elsewhere, I'll be sure to post a link right away! For now I've found a faux suede version in a few colors at UrbanOG and Go Jane.

EDIT 3/29: UrbanOG has restocked the black in a full size run!!!

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