Friday, March 8, 2013

Bre's Week/Instagrams 3-8-13

This week went quite a bit better than the last, thank god. Although I did develop some weird bacterial infection in a lymph node on the right side of my neck, resulting in painful long-winded speech and swallowing, I got my car fixed and we got some awesome news we'd been waiting forever to hear: WE GOT A DUPLEX. It's a little further south in Everett than where we've been living these last few years, which is actually awesome (read: safer). It's more like Lake Stickney/Paine Field. It's a cozy little place with two bedrooms, an office, stacked washer/dryer, a decent-sized, fenced backyard and ample storage. We move in on the 22nd and I'm beyond stoked to get in there!

Other than all that exciting news, as I said, I got sick last weekend. No one else around me was sick, but my lymph node was getting considerably large. Since I'm currently sans insurance, I went up north to Arlington to the 10 minute clinic to have it looked at. I'm gonna be on some ridiculously expensive antibiotics for the next 9 days or so, so no going out for me for a while :c I really can't wait until this passes, though. The resulting fevers and sandpaper throat have made life serious hell.

Unrelated: I know I promised you guys a detailed review on those UNIF Hellbound dupes from Milanoo a couple weeks ago, and I'm so sorry I've slacked so hard on that! I'm gonna see about getting some decent photos while I've got some daylight today and I'll put it all together over the weekend! Thanks for your patience!

Until next week! I've got a few things in the works, so next week will be full of awesome :D

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