Friday, December 7, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 12-7-12

I'm up WAAAYYYY past my bedtime to write this out at the last minute, as usual. But I have good reason, I was busy doing other stuff:

I got all my financial aid sorted out at EvCC today and was able to register for my graphic design classes! Although, I just found out I still need to take my COMPASS test, 'cause I never had to take it for my online medical coding program. I'll take care of that on Monday, most likely. But I'm super excited to go to ACTUAL college and already started up an Amazon wishlist full of the textbooks I need, plus pens and a fancy backpack. SO EXCITED to study something I actually love!

Saturday night I was actually able to go out for drinks (well, I had soda) with my friend Sarah I kept referring to. The one I had the nasty falling out with. SO MUCH EFFING FUN. It was crazy because we were never able to go bar-hopping before, since she was 18 when we "split". Shouted at each other over bad karaoke at a stinky dive in Arlington before deciding to move the party to Razzals, where some pretty intoxicated guys invited us to sit with them. Most hilarious encounter ever; more discussion about beard smells than any other group of people have had, I'm sure! Hoping to do it again soon. That girl is such a blast <3

 Twinkie Chan has an adorable gummy bear crochet pattern up at!

 Elizabeth delves into the 'taboo' subject of blog monetization.

 What IS the deal with open-toed booties? I personally can't stand them! They defeat the whole purpose of boots!

 Holiday gifts for the pessimist in your life <3

 The girls at A Beautiful Mess are giving away $1,000 to Miss KL. A THOUSAND DOLLARS.

 Love Heidi Klum's costume here. HOLY BUFFALO SHOES!!!


Here's my second t-shirt surgery from last week! I can't stop wearing it!
My naked reindeer Jade!
Sarah and I are reunited after a stupid five year catfight. Yes, really <3 We are a colorful duo among Arlington folk, garnering many looks, haha!
Errands face.
Until next week!

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