Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #39 - Iron Fist Fall '12

1. "Ruff Rider" Platform in Pink $59.99
2. "Treasure Box" Super Platform $89.99
3. "Starry Night" Super Platform $59.99
4. "Tigre & Bunny" Wedge $59.99
5. "Nightrider" Platform Bootie $84.99
6. "Don't Cross Me" Bootie $79.99

I have an ongoing love affair with Iron Fist. My first seriously 'quirky' pairs of pumps were from these guys; they were my gateway drug, if you will (well, after Demonia...). I have the "Zebracorn" and turquoise "Jungle Fever" pumps and they're still some of my all-time favorites. Still looking to add the "Zombie Stomper" to my collection, too! I was pretty tickled when all these started popping up everywhere, especially all the styles with the Super Platform construction. I love the look of them! Those turquoise wedges are to die for as well. You can't really see it in my collage, but the leather has some crazy stamped design going on. It's gorgeous! Also, the fact that Izzy Hilton/Luna Lovebad is one of their current posterchildren thrills me to my very core. I ADORE her!

Were you ever into Iron Fist? Which styles did you snag?

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