Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Handmade for the Holidays - Adventure Time

1. Jake Crocheted Beanie Hat $33.00
2. Finn "Awesome Aftermath" 8x10 Art Print $9.50
3. Super Adventure Time iPhone 4 Case $15.00
4. Needle-felted Plush Fionna & Cake $140.00
5. Lemongrab Camel Plush $120.00
6. Adventure Time iPhone 4 Case $35.00

Now that Halloween is over, the media thinks it's time to rub Christmas stuff in your unsuspecting face. Well, ya know what? BUY HANDMADE AND RUB THAT IN THEIR FACE! Hahaha, seriously, though, it's a great idea to buy handmade for the holidays. The recipient gets a unique, one of a kind gift that they'll totally adore, and at the same time, you're helping out a real, live person instead of some giant corporate conglomerate. And sticking it to the man feels pretty great.

I'm gonna attempt to keep this a regular feature through the beginning of December to help out with themed gift ideas. I hand-picked all these guys from Etsy, home of some of the neatest Adventure Time stuff I've ever seen! AND they're all handmade, so you know lots of love went into 'em! Any AT freak would love this stuff.

The iPhone cases are making me wish I had an iPhone. You guys get all the goodies!

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