Friday, November 16, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 11-16-12

I laughed SO HARD at this and everyone just kinda thought I was insane >_<
This week was also uneventful *dramatic groan*

I got a hold of the new Crystal Castles album, which was sort of off-putting on first listen because Alice Glass' usual I'm-going-to-rip-your-face-off-in-a-blind-fury approach is mostly absent. I actually referred to it as an imbalance in Alice's overall rage to drugs ratio, wherein the drugs won out, hands down. But, after repeated listenings while not trying to think of III as II pt. 2 (see what I did there?), I found it pretty enjoyable. SO THAT WAS RIVETING, YOU GUYS. Probably the highlight of my week. Highlights of the album? Tracks 4 and 11, Affection and Mercenary.

Thursday I was able to get in to see the nurse practitioner at the place where I get my brain defragged (counseling, for those just joining me) to talk about possible anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds, because yes, I am one of those socially-inept and emotionally-abundant people. I was prescribed a pretty mild mix of the two, so I'm anxious (LOL) to see how that works out for me. So, this week will at least be interesting in a dry mouth, possible violent spins sort of way.

So that was my week. This coming week will be spent furiously scrambling about trying to figure out how I'm gonna cram three Thanksgiving gatherings into one day and then possibly work the next morning for Black Friday. Whoohoo! *flail*

 Nicholas Kirkwood did the shoes for the Victoria's Secret fashion show, and the company Stef works for did the corsets! Pure magic. Part 1part 2.

 Whiskey sour was my signature drink for a looooong time until they started making me sick when bartenders used too much sour mix. I'm anxious to try this recipe for a more genuine whiskey sour!

 This was meant to go into last week's Week In Links post, but somehow I missed it when I was compiling it. Bonnie's "So You Wanna Be A Blogger?" part one and part two. Seriously worth reading!

 Joe tackles some dumb double standards she has to deal with working in a gentlemen's club. I actually think that term is stupid, but I felt awkward about blurting out "STRIP CLUB". Which I just did there. Oh well. It's a pretty fascinating read, as is pretty much anything she's ever written <3



 Obsessed with star tights this week! Just wish some of 'em weren't so expensive, I can't bring myself to pay more than $5 a pair. 1, 2, 3.

 For whatever reason, #fakegeeks has been trending on Twitter for the last week and some of my favorite local geeky girls have stepped forward and fired right back. Nothing short of awesome. Here's a piece from Morgue Anne, and I'm waiting on Molly McIsaac's sketch <3

I've been very strange these last two weeks, scheduling buttloads of posts WEEKS in advance. WAT.
"Effen" Vodka. I lol'd.
That boy. That hat <3

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