Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chivahn's Adventure Time Birthday!!!

I'm Breakfast Princess (who is really just an ancillary character, but awesome nonetheless), and Chev is Princess Bubblegum, of course.

HI! I am an idiot XD
Here, you can see my fancy egg boot decorations that my wonderful Gramma made (she made my pancake skirt, too! <3)
Ryan is some alternate universe Finn, Stef is Marceline :D :D (photo by Jessica L Drake)
BEST CAKE!!! (photo by Jessica L Drake)
PB, Joe as Fionna from the genderswap episode, me as drunk.
Group shot with Lady Rainicorn and Beau as Prince Gumball. Dude on the end is Lord Monochromicorn, I believe.
Christy came as Gunther!!! AHHHHH SO AWESOME!
Gunther and Ice King
LSP!!!!!!!! (photo by Jessica L Drake)
Mike and Jenn as Beemo and Flame Princess
Relaxing with Rue in Ryan and Stef's infamous ballpit XD
Yep, best party ever. Ain't no party like a Red Duplex party, 'cause at a Red Duplex party, costumes are MANDATORY.

Can't resist a 30 Rock reference.

And since today is your ACTUAL birthday, happy birthday, Chev! And happy birthday to Miss Joe, as well!



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