Friday, October 12, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 10-12-12

Found on Tumblr. So really, a source is irrelevant :/

If this is legitimate, this is totally fascinating and a huge breakthrough! Stem cell discovery will allow gay men to create own eggs for surrogate birth!

The best of the '80s comes alive by way of Gaultier <3

 Saturn Return, eh? Pretty fascinating stuff. Mine starts next February. I'M SCARED. When's yours?

Loving these monster booties from ShoeDazzle.

 If I had a dog, you bet your sweet ass I'd make it wear this awesome triceratops headpiece! Hell, I may even make Jade wear it!

 I had a total fangirl moment when Tanja unveiled this AMAZING look inspired by 2D from Gorillaz! I LOVE GORILLAZ SO MUCH.

 Molly is giving away a pair of Blowfish shoes on her blog! GOGOGOOOO!

My nearly non-existent lashes need all the help they can get, and this little curling trick has totally helped this past week!

 Stef has been one of my favorite people on the ol' internetz for over a decade now, and this 'Coming Out Day'-inspired article about coming to grips with her sexuality is an awesome read <3

Deftones are here Saturday AHHHHHHHH!!!
Lookit how big my boy is getting! LOOKIT.
Whipping up a crapload of boot toppers/cuffs in various sizes and a few colors. Should be up on Etsy by next week!


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