Friday, September 14, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 9-14-12

 This Polaroid addon for iPhone is REALLY neat. Android, plz!

 It's almost fall, and you all know what that means in the Bresus household! PUMPKIN ALL THE THINGS.

 IDGAF Banana Bread recipe by my favorite Twinkie Chan.

 Some new stuff is available at Idolatre. The taffeta skirt is SUPER cute.

 This lace teepee, holy eff!

 Use code BDAYSANDWICH for 14% off anything from Love & a Sandwich until midnight on the 15th!

 Molly is having a neat giveaway on her blog, if you're into fragrance and cosmetics! Tons of chances to enter!

Obligatory in-car shot before Jade and I had birthday funtimes at my dad's house :3
My birthday centerpiece at Gramma's, haha!
That's it for this week, sorry it has to be a short one! I may or may not have wasted 2-3 hours of prime blogging time Thursday night debating whether or not I should order some Lita Spike knockoffs :/ I'm super indecisive, like, devastatingly so. Haha!

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