Friday, July 27, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 7-27-12


This balloon photoshoot Kelsea did made me smile :D

Danielle tackles the super annoying "mompetition" phenomenon. Seriously, it's the worst thing ever. Live and let live.

This scalloped eyeliner tutorial is so cute! This unconventional take on the french manicure is super cute, as well!

 I loved Bonnie's thoughts on the pros and cons of blogging. Sometimes I wonder if I share too much, too little, where the line is or if anyone even cares to see more of my "actual" life. It's tricky :P

Chaplinnn did a tourist's guide to Chicago as she knows and loves it. I've always wanted to go, this makes the want way more intense!

 Twinkie Chan did a recap on Renegade Craft Fair. If I were that little girl she met, I'd react the same way <3

Shoes I coveted this week:
Jimmy Choo "Jet" Buffalo 30cm boots (!!!!!!!) Miu Miu Olympics Collection Platforms  River Island Tartan Sandals  Luichiny "Once Bitten"

What lands people here, haha!
Took Jade out shopping for his 18 month birthdeeee. He was obviously thrilled.
Cookin' and drummin'.
Bein' productive. My secret project is almost done :D
Getting ready for Goth/Industrial Skate w/ Joseph on Wednesday. Was too lazy to go all out :P
That's all for this week! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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