Friday, June 1, 2012

Bre's Week In Links/Instagrams 6-1-12

HAHA this destroys any hope for blogger cred, huh? :P

I love and agree with every statement in this post AND the comments. The Psychology of Shoes.

Cutest birthday celebration ever.

 Bridal UGG boots? Oh HELL no. Someone put a stop to this!

 Interesting avant garde shoes from a college designer :D

 I fell in love with this guy. Hard. Koalas remind me of Jade :3

 Seattle had some gnarly shootings on Wednesday resulting in 5 casualties, including the shooter. I spent most of the day following the developments. Wow. Just wow :c

 Loving all these ballerina photos S├ęcia posted <3

 Celine shared some of the season's worst shoes. I'm in total agreement. Yikes.

Took Jade to the river up north again.

Got some surprise checks over the weekend. Hahaha!

Jade and I took a random trip to Mukilteo.

A shot from Vance, Blaine, and Chris' vigil :c

I cheated and got some faux Litas from UrbanOG :D I really, really love them!
That's all for this week! Hope you guys have a good 'un!

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