Friday, March 23, 2012

Bre's Week In Links 3-23-12


SCHOOL. IS. OVER. I could not be more relieved. I'm still waiting on my final grades, but I'm 90% sure I didn't pass the practicum by like a measly 2%. It's alright, I tried! My overall GPA should be something like a 3.3, which I'm pretty proud of. Would have been much higher if not for that damn practicum! Still looking for a part time job, gonna spend my free time making more pretties for the shop and this Sunday's Mourning Market and then I'll see about entering into a graphic design certificate program in the fall and go from there. Not sure I can fully commit to a two year program just yet, but I've gotta start somewhere!

ANYHOW. On to the links!

AWESOME. One hundred punks crash city design meeting! It's being proposed that a landmark Seattle dive bar, The Funhouse, be torn down and condos be erected in its wake. NONONO. The Funhouse is amazing, and a place Terry and I stop into for a couple beers during Seattle visits. I really hope this doesn't go through!

Are you guys aware of my intense crush on Dave Grohl? No? Well, this is obviously my favorite Tumblr of... ever.

Everything about this house is perfect.

Instagram is coming to Android very soon...

I love Chloe's adventures! Especially the ones to off-season amusement parks! How fun!

Continuing the week's flatforms theme, Solestruck tracked down BUFFALO to once again bring us the platform sneakers that the Spice Girls made famous! AHHHHH GIMME! I'm not 12 anymore, but I'd seriously still LOVE to own a pair!

Love these simple reminders.

Make your own foam in a mason jar! So gonna do this.

Gala nails it, as usual. Can you wear heels and still be a feminist?

DYING over Red Velvet's spring collection! That striped maxi dress! GAH!

Love these website design trends via Colourlovers!

Why a woman's razor costs more than a man's, and other fun facts. Interesting...

Andy Warhol's rejection letter from MoMA. I love Andy, and I love pre-fame rejection letters, they're weirdly inspiring.

Until next week! Love you guys, totally looking forward to blogging more regularly!

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