Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shoes-day Tuesday #14 - BOOTS

1. UNIF Hellbound in black $242.00
2. Irregular Choice Longer Lashes in leopard $179.95
3. Full Mettle boot $79.99
4. Dr Martens Regina in black and white $132.95
5. Steve Madden Lace Up Wedge boot in black $178
6. Dr Martens Triumph in black $150

I decided to actually put forth some effort to do some blogging since I'm all caught up on school (this typed as of last Saturday, heh!)! WOOOO!!! This week I thought I'd do a theme that didn't involve a bunch of fancy pants heels and stuff, I wanna lust over some boots! It's too damn cold for heels, anyhow!

1 comment:

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