Thursday, January 19, 2012

Photodump - Jade's first birthday, snowed in!

So, in the last week our son turned 1 and then we got totally snowed in. Soooo frustrating when I've got ebay stuff to ship and I'm going totally stir-crazy! GAH! I even had to reschedule Jade's one year checkup to next week, hopefully the weather clears up! ANYHOW. Pictures!

Terry's mom brought balloons. HOLY HELL I have NEVER seen him filled with so much glee!
I love Terry's face in this. Such an awesome moment.
Snowmaggeddon 2012, indeed! Terry and Jade on the sidewalk, random dudes are walking in the road for whatever reason.
We needed groceries horribly, luckily we live right next door to a Safeway! A bundled-up Jade safeguarding the garlic :D
Snow is fun and all, but I'm really looking forward to this whole thing heading out! My side of the family wasn't able to make it to Jade's party due to everyone being sick/snowed in, but we were hoping to have another party this weekend. That doesn't look like it's gonna happen :c I've been religiously checking the weather, though, and it looks like the temp is gonna start rising over the next few days, then we're getting rain next week! So it's looking like next week will be better. Fingers crossed!


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