Friday, January 27, 2012

Bre's week in links 1-27-12

Totally forgot about this gorgeous sunrise we got during the snow!
I miss blogging, you guys :c I'm popping in right now because I'm actually pretty much caught up on schoolwork for the week. Only two discussion questions to complete before Sunday at 7! Woo! I'm never caught up like this, I'm usually scrambling to finish everything on the last day. Lots of fun stuff coming up, though, my side of the family is throwing Jade his late birthday party on Sunday and then this coming week it looks like I'm getting my hair fixed by the wonderous Chivahn and maybe getting a new tattoo! WOOOO TAX RETURN TIME! ANYHOW. Let's toss out some links, shall we?

These wine glass "coasters" are really neat, and SO simple. Looks like they'd be pretty easy to DIY, gonna have to give it a shot since we're pretty big wine drinkers in this house!

Miss Kate shared her top 5 storage solutions for small spaces. I am in serious lust with those skinny IKEA bookcases, I need a ton!


Speaking of shoes, Solestruck is in the midst of a gnarly flash sale featuring Irregular Choice, Senso, and Matiko! GOGOGO BEFORE IT'S OVER AT MIDNIGHT!

Love this shoot featuring Ego and Greed shoes. I'm a sucker for stark contrast.

This cartoon from The Oatmeal last week is the effing truth. Everyone in my particular region says this EXACT SAME THING.

I'll be posting intermittently, but I can never really tell when :/ So, until next time!


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