Friday, December 23, 2011

Bre's week in links 12-23-11

I AM ALL OVER THIS RIGHT NOW. Gala Darling and Solestruck want you to design a shoe to win $250 towards a pair of shoooooes! AHHHHHH!!!

You can also win a pair of shoes from Solestruck if you tell them how you knew you were a shoe addict! I knew when at one point, the trunk of my car was full of shoes because I had nowhere else to put them D: (I confess, there are like 5 pairs of boots in my trunk currrently. What the hell is wrong with me?!) ACK, this is over, I didn't think about that when I scheduled this post! But! You can win $250 toward a pair of JCs if you show Solestruck your NYE outfit! Check it out!

A tour of Elsie's closet. 'Nuff said! I am really lusting over that Pen Pal dress, HARD. I wish I had known about her shop sooner, because it looks like it's not available anymore :c

Giftwrap ribbon animals! I'd love to learn these! How cute!

This Unstuck app looks like something I need in my life because I frequently have 'stuck' moments, but once again, it's only for iPad. I love my Android, but sometimes it's frustrating that Apple people get all the good stuff.

These ombre lips Leesha did are super pretty! I can't imagine they'd last long, but it's a neat idea for photoshoots and such!

I about died when I saw this last Saturday. Jimmy Fallon's Russel Brand impersonation is PERFECT.

Chivahn's sale at Toxic Heart Couture is still on until Sunday! 25% your order with code PINKSANTA11!

Until next week!


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