Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bre's Week In Links 7-23-11

New stuffs! :D!

I love this tutorial on how to style a beehive! Looks much easier than all those Amy Winehouse-esque ones I read in the past calling for giant rolls of toilet paper! :D Will defnitely try it when my hair gets a little longer!

Vertigo-inducing photos. NEAT! But don't click if you're afraid of heights! You've been warned!

COLOURlovers is suuuuuper addicting. There are also an incredible amount of apps utilizing this site by third parties, as well. For example, Android users can get the apps "Pattern Wallpapers" and "I Love Color" and set user-created seamless patterns from the site as their phone's wallpaper! Super awesome! (Here's my profile! Teehee!)

I swear, Frances Bean Cobain is probably one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace the earth. Seriously. I can't help but literally gasp every time I see a photo of her.

This Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago made part of me cringe and part of me squee.

OH MY GOD GIVEIT. The things I would do for this room!

This dress is so adorable. I have a gnarly thing for stripes.

Loved this tutorial on how to tie a head scarf. I've been trying to do this forEVER, to no avail! Seems easy, but sometimes I can't grasp the simplest of things... now I know!

Amy Winehouse has died. I still can't even believe it, I so desperately wanted her to get her life together. I loved her so much. So sad :'c Back To Black was an ENORMOUS part of my life in 2007. Such an amazing talent, it's so tragic. (How creepy is it that I referenced her in the link to that tutorial at the top of this post?! Added that a few days back, even. SUPER weird...)

I can't end this on a sad note. Here's a photo of Jade scooting across the floor! He's perfecting his crawling this week, and he's getting fast. Makes my heart melt!

xoxo, Bre

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