Photo by Sarah Estrella
Ohhai! My name is Bre, I'm from a city called Everett about 20 minutes north of Seattle, WA. I'm happily taken by my boyfriend of 7 years, Terry, and a stay-at-home mom of our adorable 3 year old, Jade. I'm a freelance web/graphic designer, social media manager, budding makeup artist and shoe aficionado. You might take that lightly, but this blog is almost 3 years old and its subject matter has evolved almost entirely into shoes. I love them a little bit too much, and have ever since I was about 12 years old and I first discovered "Saturday Night Fever", and ultimately, the Spice Girls.

I've had my hands in many different creative pies over my 29 years. I've painted through my childhood; done a bit of sewing; owned, designed and operated around 20 websites from the age of 14 through my early twenties; worked in retail for far too long; I even dabbled in body piercing for around 8 years! At the moment, I'm spending my free time crocheting, watching cartoons, and blogging about anything that catches my fancy!

Photo by JLD Imagery
I had a bit of a personality crisis involving this blog recently and I finally decided it's about me (durr?), so here you can probably find collections of shoes I'm lusting after, my favorite knockoff shoes (SHH! Don't tell!), what I'm listening to in large doses every week, various lists of things I'm loving, weekly links and photodumps, overviews of my rare excursions with friends and the occasional gushing about my little family :D

And if Solestruck would like to sponsor or hire me one day, I could probably die happy :D


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